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St. Louis

I was invited to participate in the "Living like kings" Exhibit at the World Chess Hall of fame in St. Louis, MO. I wasn't familiar with the WCHOF prior, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it's an amazing institution that hosts global chess tournaments, lessons, as well as exhibits pertaining to the game in various forms. The exhibit opened in October, with an artist painting a new mural each month based around the concept of each chess piece. I was the last one to paint wrapping up the project. The official opening was the largest crowd they have drawn to date, including attendance from the RZA. I can't speak enough to how pleasant everyone here was to work with.  Incredibly nice people. A must see if you're in St. Louis.

Nice one and Lady Lucx's take on the Knight.

Daniel Burnett curated the mural portion of the exhibit and also painted this great piece depicting the Pawn.

Chris Burch's rendition of the Rook.

My version of the King, being supported by his empire.

Detail of a Peat Wollager boom box mural.

Studio visit with the talented Alicia La Chance. I'm really diggin on her work. It was great to meet her and see the work up close.

I got to drop by the Screwed Arts Collective studio. Super cool and talented guys. They all have very different styles, yet manage to do some incredible collaborative mural work. Lots of love for these guys.

Found some time to do some exploring.


An unfinished piece from Killer Napkins.

Nick Schleicher at Millitzer Gallery.

I was super stoked to get to see some Jeremy Rabus paintings in person. I think it's fair to say we vibe off each other. This photo does not do his work justice. He's a master of pushing and pulling color.